Sexually Transmitted Infection

Gather  knowledge about common sexually transmitted diseases and safe sexual practices

Medical Education

History of Colombo medical faculty, practice of medicine in Sri Lanka and a life style of a medical student

Addiction prevention

Truth about drugs and alcohol and how to break addiction 


How identify and cope with common stressors, harmful levels of stress also effect of art in medicine

Family Medicine

Model family practitioner and busting of common myths related to health 


Hands on experience on
how to give CPR and other emergency first aid.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Do you wish a career in physiotherapy, how to regain functions after a stroke & learn about value of maintaining proper posture  


Model surgical theatre and collection of common surgical procedures 


For an activity that ensures the survival of the human race and of course the worldly pleasures sex when not practised safely comes with a price. Such intimate contact provides the ideal opportunity for the spread of a number of diseases. Historically, these sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – once known as venereal diseases (VD) – varying from anciently known Syphilis to few decades old diagnosis of HIV have had effects ranging from minor inconveniences to disfigurement and death. Most of them are curable now with few doses of medicine while once thought to be deadly HIV can be controlled and live a normal life with proper medication. Unshakably tagged with social stigma, myths and superstitions most of us are in the darkness in this entity.
Come, witness, clarify and learn everything you need to know about STIs,Treatments and How to prevent


Would you like to become a medical student, at least for a few minutes? Here’s a collection of beautiful creations that you can see in our small stall, ‘How medical students see their own life’. Also, we want you to show the medical student model to your school going child. They will love it…!
After that you enter the area that shows the history of medicine in Sri Lanka, Our achievements in the field of health care Patient safety and much more. Don’t forget to see the model of ancient hospital here, which gives you a feeling of an archeological museum.
Not only that, you can glimpse on our greatest milestone in 150 year of history.


Addiction- the rising threat to Sri Lankan youth, takes away life and happiness from the best years of our lives and the lives of our loved ones.
In our stall, you will see the burden of addiction in Sri Lanka with figures. Alcohol and smoking cause lots of bad health consequences, physically , mentally, socially and economically. If you will see some of these bad stories in our stall, you will newer have it again. This is not the pictorial warnings you see on the cigarette box, but real specimens of cancerous lung and cirrhotic liver…etc.
We will also introduce you some of the addiction prevention services in the island. It will be very useful, isn’t it? If you, or a loved one is suffering from addiction, we invite you to come and see this.


Since the beginning of the Human civilization, the connection between man and art has gone hand in hand. Art, Music, Drama and Theater were the modes of communication when verbal communication was not able to portray the complexity of human emotion.
The wonder of Health and Physical changes correlate with art can be experienced at our stall,
You will be able to challenge yourself and experience how simple things such as playing music and/or drawing a sketch will channel your thoughts and emotions from one place to another. You will also get a chance to compare yourself with others who are getting the same experience and to define yourself in the process.
You will be able to grasp the correct definitions of stress and depression, how to face such situations, and also be able to learn about the mind and it’s complex mechanism.
To enjoy the close connection Art has with the subject of Medicine and to let you showcase your ideas and thoughts on this topic will be our aim. May it be Sinhala, Tamil, or English literature, you will be able to find the connection it has with Medicine. You will witness the paintings and sculptures relevant to Medicine and Health.
If you love the field of art, if you are curious to know about the mind and it’s work, you are graciously invited to our stall “Health in the context of Art” in Medivision 2020 to witness the beauty of it.


Can you imagine a world where you have guaranteed guidance? A world with someone dedicated to protecting your life and the lives of those you love? Haven’t we all hoped for someones who understands us, our struggles?
Our country’s healthcare system is designed to make sure that you have tailor made guidance helping to prevent issues and cure them when they arise. The primary care of our system offers a person looking out for your child, guiding your teenager and helping you care for your mothers and fathers when weakened with time. All the while making sure you and your health needs are taken care of!
This person may seem a distant dream, Come to our stall and understand it as a part of realized reality!


From the point of accident till the patient get admitted to the hospital, have you ever wondered how many lives could have been saved if their care givers knew a little bit of first aid.
First aid is not a skill to be trained for our gain, it’s a skill which secures the life of our loved ones.
So, why don’t you spend your time to learn and train first aid with us at the first aid and emergency stall. We are glad to enhance your knowledge on CPR, choking, managing wounds and fractures treating a unconscious patient, poison, animal bites and a lot more. It would be a experience worth for a lifetime.


Over the last 100 years or so, surgery has become a safe and reliable tool in medical care, not to mention a necessary component of public health. This is about it.
Have you ever undergone a surgery? Even though you have been you may not remember what is happening inside. Beacause you are anasthetised. Here, we are ready to show you a model operation theatre with demonstrations. You can see how you were anasthetised. You can see how common surgical procedures are being done. It is realy interesting. You can learn a lot. You can enjoy a lot.